South Park Mormon Parody

The Book of Mormon is a popular musical comedy first performed in 2011 where Mormon believes are satirized. The play focuses on the story of two Mormon missionaries trying to share the scriptures of the Book of Mormon door to door with the inhabitants of a Ugandan village, where the lack of interest of the villagers is complete. The villagers tell the missionaries that they have other concerns as famine and AIDS.

In 2014, the Book of Mormon appeared in TV parodied by South Park and it was a great success. The characters of the play appeared in the neighborhood of South Park and the result were pretty funny. In the episode 12 of the seven season of the series the Mormon religion is the center of the attention when a Mormon family moves to town.

The South Park mormon parody was written by Trey Parker from personal experiences and uses the Book of Mormons to explain the religions in a set of flashback musical. The episode received excellent reviews and Mormon friends of Parke found the episode very funny, but there are some Mormons that did not find it funny at all. Parker in his defense, said it was very difficult to parody Mormons due to their good nature.